Kind of holistic treatment in a relaxed Atmosphere

I have a job that requires a very concentrated for long periods of time
effort. It takes place sitting and contains some routine movements (more
One hundred per hour). At the same time the chairs and thus the equilibrium are not always optimal,
Also due to incorrect posture, thus the reason is added to tension and
I have therefore for approx. ½ year time went to a fantastic massage at Energitårnet, where I partly
Have received proper treatments (like massage), and have been instructed in
Some daily exercises.
I have also pointed out some aspects of my life that give cause for thought.
(Non-interference). This kind of holistic treatment in a relaxed
Atmosphere has helped me in everyday life and given me the profits back. I
Therefore, you can warmly recommend the Energy Tower, which has a wide and competent level
Knowledge of man both at the physical and spiritual level “.
Allan Kjærgaard
Police Assistant.

“My name is Annie and is 31 years old.
I’m going to depth massage at Anita. Which I am incredibly pleased with.
Anita is a happy, loving, natural and skilled woman that I trust and feel
I have chosen to go to depth massage because I have been fighting for many years
selfworth , go and check it. I have reached far, but my body has always kept me caught in that role
Which I struggled to change. It often made me very frustrated.
I’ve been to the Energy Tower sometimes, and one day Anita talked about
Posture. It seemed to me that Anita would help me to
Throw all the ugly things out of my body.
All that my family had stuffed in my body of anger and grief would now be able to
Be thrown into a large trash can and I could be free. Free to
Be happy, happy, sad or angry, but then it would be my own beautiful
Sorrow, joy and love.
She could fulfill my highest desire to take many big steps towards me
Highest wish to feel happy inside my body so I can always show my
Husband and my children my inner joy and love. Show them the lovely woman
I am and who make us a happy family.
The first time I was at Anita, she told me about my wrong posture.
She told me how to correct it and how it would strengthen me. I
Have corrected my attitude and have been rid of many of my old tensions.
It made me think that for many years I have spent thousands of dollars
To go to a massage to remove myocrates and tension that caused me to sore
Shoulders and headaches. I have never been told that if I corrected my posture
I would let go of all these genes forever. I believe we humans
Acting on the best intentions, with the knowledge we have right now.

My development has been long. From being a little childhood girl to
The lovely woman I am today. It has taken 6½ years, including Because I in them
6 years had ruled out the alternative guidance and treatment. I know today
That alternative therapists treat with their heart, emotions and knowledge. Bad
Self-esteem gets a human because they as children have not got the love and care,
As they needed and required.
Self-esteem can be infinite with knowledge and love if you get the right one