Inflatable hot tub cold weather

Having your own inflatable hot tub gives you the same benefits as going to a spa for an hour of relaxation, plus you can even go in anytime as you please and you get to save more because you don’t have to spend on gas to drive to the nearest spa in town only to greeted by an attendant that the establishment is full and that you should come in next time.
Now, unlike built-in hot tubs, you can move 6-person hot tub around especially during extreme conditions such as during the summer and winter, but did you know that you can also use your inflatable hot tub during winter?
Despite the common notion that inflatable hot tubs can only be used during summer, you can actually use your inflatable hot tub during cold weather (in fact, some manufacturers have built their inflatable hot tubs to be used all year round).

Yes, most inflatable hot tubs can be used during cold weather however, once the temperature drops lower than 4 degrees, it’s best not to bring out your inflatable hot tub outside or set it up.
You can, however, if you’d really like to use your inflatable hot tub during cold weather, make sure you set it up in a protected area, something similar to an enclosed gazebo or perhaps an enclosure with walls or heavy curtains.

Here are some inflatable hot tubs that you can use during (almost) any normal weather condition:

Canadian Spa Company: offers various kinds of hot tubs, portable spas, swim spa, and even accessories from saunas to lights. Now what makes the Canadian Spa Company our top pick for inflatable hot is because they have indeed advertised that their portable hot tubs can be used even during winter. They have a wide range of portable hot tubs to choose from that will suit your budget.

Intex PureSpa: If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub that won’t hurt your wallet then you’ve picked the right brand as Intex offers you a wide range of affordable inflatable hot tubs. Surround yourself with soothing bubbles and jets while you immerse yourself with a good book or a sparkling glass of your favorite wine. Most models include everything you need to set up your own hot tub at home.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa: Easy to setup and worth the money, Coleman’s Lay-Z Spa models are perfect for anyone who wants to spend some quality time with friends or by themselves after a long day at work. The instructions to setup Coleman’s portable hot tubs are very easy to follow.

There are in fact many other inflatable hot tubs available in the market that you can purchase for your personal use, however, not all of them have been tested thoroughly to be considered if they can be used in cold weather conditions.
Also, while the inflatable hot tubs listed above can be used during cold weather conditions, it is still not recommended that you use them in blistering cold conditions such as blizzards or heavy snowstorms as the cold can cause irreversible damage to the motor and other parts of your inflatable hot tubs.